Remote Yoga Project Sumba

Remote Yoga Project Sumba

06 Oct 07:00 - 20 Oct 07:00 - Bali
Bali Surfer Girls


Sumba has one of the world’s most perfect waves. At times, the incredible surf breaking on the reef truly becomes a spectacle. The wave breaks from deep water onto a shallow reef directly in front of the resort, tubing from start to finish. It is thick and steep on the takeoff and sucking a lot of water up the face.

The coral reef is relatively surfer-friendly. The coral is pounded flat by the waves and hitting the bottom does not necessarily mean getting cut. In fact over the past twelve years there have been very few surfers with reef cuts and no serious injuries.

If the dry season seems a little too intense for you the wet season is the next best thing: the island gets so much swell that the rights of Tarimbang, Wainukaka or Mangkudu can serve up super fun and waves that are offshore and glassy with the North-West winds all season.

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